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I WAS RAISED ON THE DAIRY, like my Idol Kenny Rogers seen in this clip













You know they say the good die young.  But what about that one time on the Get Rich or Die Trying album where 50 cent writes and a quote " many men wish death upon me. Blood in my eyes and homie I can't see.  I'm just trying to be what I'm destined to be and n☆☆☆☆ try to take my life away." Yes 50, I too can relate. 


You know sometimes when I write, I'm not quite sure what I'll say next but usually crack kills.  I remember when I was a young lad and all I wanted to be around was video games and hot women.  Now it's more of the same but with men.  When I was told they needed a bio from me, I figured I had two options, tell the truth which is boring because obviously if you are reading this you might be more entertained.  See I dumbed it down for you and that's a lot coming from a dumb person.  I have Aspergers and I love meat.  Try to say Aspergers 10 times fast with out thinking about burgers. 


When I write, I write for the youth but like 2Pac says "their ain't no hope for the youth" which in then means I write for myself.  2 trailor park chicks go around the outside.  What ever happened to wallabees?  And for that matter what ever happened to free speech and Dustin Diamond?  Screw a bio and I hate Elvin. I hope all his sweaters get peed on he can actually go outside shirtless and embrace California.  He's my brother in law so by default he's family lol. Nah I love him.  I hope you've learned something today and we shared a moment like James Blunt.  Yes my dear you are beautiful it's true.

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