Adam Baroni

One day along time ago someone called me from across the room by my last name but mispronounced it and accidentally called me baroni. So I assumed the new name.


I'm Adam Baroni. I love reading, anything that has to do with drugs or sex. One of my favorite authors is Bret Easton Ellis. I'll read anything. I've even read Ayn rand, James Patterson and every Stephen king book. I love watching and re watching movies especially subtitled ones. If I didn't I wouldn't have found out about movies such as the raid 2, or dragon.


I think the best movies are from the 80's.I usually can watch any movie about 100 times. I love quoting movies. I especially love when I meet someone who I can quote with. "I just want a little taste of the glory to see what it tastes like". Grew up watching Star Wars. I hate Star Trek. I did watch the new movies though. They were ok. I love playing video games. I especially like going on the playstation store and buying old games for ps1 and ps2. Still waiting for def jam fight for New York. 


I read some comics, I think graphic novels are better though. Has anyone read the joker graphic novel. That shit was cray. I love cooking. I also like drinking beer. I'm pretty good at that. Always been a night person. I like playing that beer pong game that everyone is so fond of. One of my favorite memory's is eating mushrooms and watching nothing but super hero movies, and fear and loathing in Las Vegas.


Some of my favorite movies are A Clockwork Orange, Brazil, Terminator 2.


Favorite books. Rules of attraction, less than zero, IT, Fear and loathing

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