Andres Franco

Hello NERDS! My name is Andres!


Movies Movies Movies and more Movies! That's my motto. I'm from a little city called LA..have you heard about it?


As a young chap I was fascinated by films and games. Nothing could keep me away from those 2 things...except for girls and beer :)


Top 5 films for me? Well, not in any particular order.


1. Casino (the best 3 hrs of your life!)
2. Back to the future trilogy (yes, that's one whole film for me)
3. Die hard with a vengeance (one of the best sequel's of all time)
4. The social network (gotta love the finch-miester)
5. The big Lebowski (Cohen's at their finest!)


Check out some of my reviews and I'll see you at the movies!


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