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January 3, 2017

 Cosplayer: Girl With The 1 Eye

It’s finally time to wear that warm, full body cosplay that’s been on your dream cosplay list since mid-May. Instead of subjecting yourself to the Los Angeles heat waves in head to toe EVA foam, you decided to work all Fall to make your f...

December 8, 2016

Looks like another Studio Ghibli Film is making its way to the silver screen. Fathom Events, GKIDS, and Hot Topic are teaming up again for another 2-day event. In celebration of Hayao Miyazaki’s birthday and the 20th anniversary of Princess Mononoke, the 2-day event wi...

November 16, 2016

If you are a fan Studio Ghibli Films and have always wondered what it would be like to experience one of the films at a theater, well your chance is coming in less than a month. This December, Fathom Events, GKIDS, and Hot Topic are bringing the classic Japanese anime...

August 28, 2016

I love Pokemon. I love the weird, memorable, and cute characters. I love the RPG elements. Heck, I even love some of the dumber ideas because, hey, it’s fun. Here are the Pokemon that have designs or stories or abilities that even a fan like me can’t pretend to defend.


August 24, 2016

Viz Media recently picked up the publishing rights to The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess manga. The manga is authored by Akira Himekawa, who has produced The Legend of Zelda manga for over 17 years. Himekawa has penned over 10 volumes, covering the reincarnation of...

August 21, 2016

Pokemon is fun. It started as a simple collecting game and turn-based RPG and it has since grown into a global phenomenon thanks to a memorable anime and a series of games. Thanks to the mobile game, Pokemon GO, everyone on earth is catching Pokemon. Let’s be honest, t...

August 15, 2016

Digimon is back and it’s going to be release in theaters in the U.S. If you’re a fan of the original Digimon like I am, then you are going to love this. Digimon Adventure Tri picks up where Digimon season two ended.  

A quick recap: Six years ago the DigiDestined  Tai,...

June 14, 2016

Rumors started popping up a few weeks ago for a live action Fullmetal Alchemist Movie and now that has become a reality.

The movie is currently being filmed in Italy. It will be directed by Fumihiko Sori (Ping Pong) and he has stated that ”…The cast is entirely Japanese...

March 10, 2016

To celebrate the nerdy women in our lives here are 5 popular nerdy content you didn’t know were led by women:

Mary Shelley

In 1818, the first science fiction novel EVER was not only written by a woman but a young woman of 21 years. Frankenstein has been labeled as the M...

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Dwayne, Rubens, and Melissa Joan Hart In for Los Angeles Comic Con 2017

October 19, 2017

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October 19, 2017