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August 1, 2017

Source: Fox. 

The names of the Apes… reboot movies have always been something of a sore point, with Dawn being the only one that really felt like it owned it’s title. Whilst in Dawn’we saw the beginnings of what led to a race of super intelligent apes, Rise never really...

June 15, 2017

Ironically, for a film called Colossal, no one saw this coming. The same can be said for much of the second half of the movie, which takes a distinctly darker tone than the quirky life-lesson comedy the trailers had us believe we were in for.

"This is NOT your typical m...

May 16, 2017

The Short Version:

Oh dear…

The Long Version:

There was a recent meme that put all of the Alien movies into their respective "Aliens Vs…" categories, starting with "Truckers". They didn’t quite get it right though. The ‘Idiots’ were on the Covenant, not Prometheus. For an...

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Dwayne, Rubens, and Melissa Joan Hart In for Los Angeles Comic Con 2017

October 19, 2017

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October 19, 2017

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