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September 8, 2016

Greg Berlanti, producer extraordinaire for DC’s television shows, has started that there will be “no connective tissue” between the upcoming Booster Gold movie and either the DC movies or DC television shows (collectively the DC Extended Universe). As someone who hasn’...

April 29, 2016

No matter which comics you read, or movie you see, no one is left untouched by tragedy. Often times it is those events that propel someone’s actions for the rest of their life, and what makes a hero is how they react, how they rise above their pain and make themselves...

October 2, 2015

So...copyright laws in other countries are very loose...or just completely non-existent!


This is so great..or bad.


Either way it’s fun to watch what other people in other countries do with our creative content.


Here's the video:


Source: Screenrant


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Dwayne, Rubens, and Melissa Joan Hart In for Los Angeles Comic Con 2017

October 19, 2017

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October 19, 2017

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