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March 24, 2017

 Source: Marvel/Disney.

It’s no secret that the director of the new Thor movie, Taika Waititi, is taking the prince of Asgard in a new direction. With the third installment to his franchise it’s time to make some serious changes... Just like it’s predecessors Iron man 3...

July 19, 2016

“Made In America.” What does that mean when we really consider it? We know that American work ethic and craftsmanship is something to be proud of, but why? Is it the material we use? Is it the standards to which we hold the fruits of our labor?

I’ll tell you...

July 10, 2016

Have you ever vacationed in San Marino or Saint Lucia? Have you ever gone on a mission trip to Liberia or Dominica? If so, then you have been to a country that makes less money annually than Disney has made on all 13 Marvel films combined. Once the year is over, and po...

May 21, 2016


The Marvel train continues to roll with no obvious signs of stopping. The Mighty Thor plans his next appearance in Thor: Ragnarok, unexpectedly directed by Taika Waititi of What We Do In The Shadows fame.  


Popular for his comedic style, Waititi's involvement has...

April 16, 2016

The statement “the book is better” is the standard response to everyone who has sat and watched a movie based off of a book. It is our personal relationship to the words on the page and our own unique imagination that creates our expectation of how a film can (or, in o...

October 19, 2015

Thor: Ragnarok Casting News:


"The biggest news of the moment is that Mark Ruffalo will turn up in the movie, and it probably won't be an insignificant role. JoBlo first got the scoop on this one. This is a fine way to give audiences more Hulk in their lives, without ge...

October 18, 2015

Marvel has a lineage of creating some of the most interesting superheroes that the world has seen. This popularity helped pave the way for Marvel's massive movie presence in the form of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We sat down and asked some of the Nerdbot crew who t...

September 14, 2015

"On October 2nd, Marvel Studios brings The Avengers: Age of Ultron to Blu-Ray and DVD, and with it comes a slew of new special features for fans to dive into, taking a look at the making of the blockbuster sequel. We’ve already seen the gag reel with your favorite supe...

July 31, 2015

5. Thor (2011)

 Who could’ve thought this movie would’ve worked? But it did. Thor was a big a risk by Marvel and it paidoff in more ways than money. The source material was taken seriously by a director who understood the theatre and we ended up getting great performanc...

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Dwayne, Rubens, and Melissa Joan Hart In for Los Angeles Comic Con 2017

October 19, 2017

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October 19, 2017

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