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July 14, 2017

Source: Fox/Marvel.

With the release of Logan earlier this year, Hugh Jackman, and millions of

fans, bid farewell to the actor’s signature role. The movie marks a fitting swan

song to Jackman’s sixteen year run with the claws, and he leaves behind a

legacy that quite liter...

March 5, 2017


 Logan (Fox, 2017) is the final tour de force for Hugh Jackman as James Howlett aka Logan aka the Wolverine. First off, is it a good movie? Yes. It is damn good. In fact, it's fantastic. I like to see a movie a few times to truly appreciate what...

December 29, 2016

There is a rumor circulating in "THE INTERNET" that Deadpool had filmed a cameo for the upcoming Wolverine film starring Hugh Jackman named "Logan"

The thought of having The Merc With A Mouth on screen with Wolverine makes me want to do a back flip...if I weren't alread...

October 21, 2016

20th Century Fox just dropped another wonderful trailer for us, but this time it was for the long anticipation “Logan” movie. Logan is the story arc following “Old Man Logan” which tells a story of how in the future most mutants are dead or in hiding. Many super villai...

May 17, 2016

The third and final installment of Wolverine has been scheduled for a March 3rd, 2017. With that comes the final time we will be seeing Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. For the new X-Men movies, they’ll have to find a new Wolverine or go on without him.


There have been 4 X-M...

March 30, 2016

We all know who the heroes are. They are the ones who live by a moral code to protect everyone around them. Not just the ones they care about, but anyone who needs a helping hand.  But do you know the anti-heroes? They are the ones who are the mercenaries, the ones who...

January 31, 2016

From the horse’s mouth, or rather the mutant’s mouth we heard this week there is a nearly finished script for Wolverine 3. After a super secret screening of his new film Eddie the Eagle Hugh Jackman spoke with reporters this past week at Sundace.  A film in which he pl...

October 9, 2015

Well...thank you M&M's for being so delicious and releasing the plot to X-Men: Apocalypse.


Here is their official marketing statement:


"Following the critically acclaimed global smash hit X-Men: Days of Future Past, director Bryan Singer returns with X-MEN: APOCALYPSE,...

September 29, 2015

"The Wolf’s mona monkey is the best there is at what it does, and what it does is eat fruit. And fling poop, naturally.


Whetting the public’s insatiable appetite for things that look like other things, Metro followed its expose on an East Yorkshire carp that resembles...

September 24, 2015

In the minds of comic book movie fans, Hugh Jackman is Wolverine. For the last fifteen years, Jackman has fully inhabited the role of James “Logan” Howlett, a.k.a. Wolverine, since the very first live-action X-Men movie. But after the third Wolverine film in 2017, Jack...

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Dwayne, Rubens, and Melissa Joan Hart In for Los Angeles Comic Con 2017

October 19, 2017

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October 19, 2017