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Greetings fellow residents of Nerddom! My names Brad Chichester and im here to tell you a little about myself. I first discovered my love of comics as a child, getting into my Dads old stack of books he kept in a bag in a cabinet. Id lay on his bad with them strewn all around diving into the wonderful universes inhabited by Titans known as Spiderman, Batman, Superman, even Kid Colt and early Star Wars comics. It wasn’t until I was much older and he bequeathed them to me that I hated my childhood self for being all butterfingered with comics that would become very valuable. My Dad always told me “I didn’t buy comics for their monetary value, I bought them to read and enjoy.” Enjoy them we did. Even to this day when I buy a new comic I make sure to give it a good read before its sealed into its plastic case. Those comics, and later on, the films they spawned are something my Father and I have always been able to connect on, and they will always hold a special place for me. Even… Batman.















Once I became a bit older I started to develop my preferences, as one does. Today Im a staunch and outspoken Marvel aficionado. Marvel can do very little wrong in my eyes. Thought its taken me a while to be able to take each Marvel movie with a grain of salt and accept that they may change a few things, (i.e. Spidermans natural webshooters in the first origin movie) yet still remain mostly true. Aside from Wolverine: Origins…. Just, NO.


My interest in Nerd related culture doesn’t end at comics. Im an avid gamer, movie lover, both classic and new, cosplay fan and participant, Ren Faire attendee for 15 years straight, avid Trek and Wars fan of equal appreciation, WWE and MMA fan, and general lover of all things Nerd related.

I married my high school sweetheart, Megean, about 4 years ago and she inspires me every day to be the best man I can, we have a wonderful 3 year old son, Hunter, who I hope to impart all my Nerd knowledge onto one day.


















When im not gaming, reading the latest Deadpool or Captain America issues, or seeing the newest Marvel flick, I work in security. Nightclubs, Bodyguarding, private security, all of it. Love my choice of career. I guess in some small way I get to feel like my own super hero. Doing all I can to protect those around me.















I, like most, have things I like and things im not into. I just happen to be a bit more vocal about these things. Were I not, I might not be here today to give you my opinions on such things. I hope to be able to provide you with entertainment, knowledge, and interesting theories to keep you thinking about the things we all love! I leave you with my life motto and hope you all enjoy my upcoming content:
Live For The Moment

Brad “The Resident Redneck” Chichester


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