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Anime Pasadena 2021
Kawaii & Kowai - Designer Form

Thank you for your interest in Showcasing at Anime Pasadena 2021! Please fill out this form accordingly, any applications missing information will not be considered. Anime Pasadena Fashion Show is open to all artists and designers ages 18 or older. Entries must be the exclusive work of the submitter or submitting team, created for this show. All works must be wearable objects to be modeled on a runway. Please send only your newest, most innovative designs.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19 there may be certain restrictions including possible proof of vaccination and mask requirements. Please be prepared that once you submit you are agreeing to the safety protocols that will be instilled to keep everyone safe. This is for all designers, staff, crew, models, and HMUAs.

Please send only your newest, most innovative designs. Items will be selected for use at the sole discretion of the fashion show styling team. Submissions MUST BE accompanied by a link showing 2-3 High Quality Digital Images or Proposed Illustrations accompanied by written descriptions.

By submitting designs, you are agreeing to make that outfit and have it ready for the fashion show during Anime Pasadena 2021. You also are agreeing to participate in the fashion show and it's prep times. Failing to do either of these will result in you being automatically disqualified. All designs must be original.

Anime Pasadena 2021 (December 11th-12th) at the Pasadena Convention Center.

As you showcase please note that this event is an all ages event. You, your models, and your staff represent your brand along with Anime Pasadena.
-Walkthrough for Designers and Models is Friday Dec 10th at 5pm. It is not mandatory but highly encouraged as we will not have a chance Saturday to do a walkthrough.

-Fashion Show is Saturday at 2pm with 1-hr duration.
-Designers and their assistants call-time is 9AM
-Model call-time is 10AM (please remind them that tardiness is noticed and noted)

-Convention center opens at 10AM.

Each designer is to showcase 10 new pieces for the theme. We will provide mirrors, chairs, table, and changing drape in the Green Room.

Requirements for Designs: Must be to theme. You can choose one or both of the themes (Kawaii or Kowai). All must follow Anime Pasadena's weapons and consent codes along with standard clothing policies: No functional props or real weapons, props and weapons need to go through weapons check located at the front entrance. They will be inspected and tagged as CHECKED. Blasters, Lightsabers, foam weapons and common place props are allowed, Nothing less then what you would see at a public pool (it is an ALL-AGES convention after all). Also, please think of the models and that they will have to walk on a fashion week style stage and walkway and from green room location to convention center.

Keep in mind submission doesn't guarantee a slot in the fashion show, only 8 designers will be selected for the fashion show; Selected designers will be notified via email.

Deadline is October 9th, 2021.

DECEMBER 11 - 12, 2021 - Pasadena Convention Center
10 am - 5 pm
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