Running your paid Facebook ads through NERDBOT

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. That's why NERDBOT wants to use our rapidly growing audience to boost your product's signal.  Whether your company is a newcomer with something innovative and groundbreaking or if you have a longstanding and well beloved product, we have something to offer.

Be seen by thousands at a great price

What troubles most small companies who have a great and exciting product is the fact that they can't put that product in front of a large enough audience.  NERDBOT promises that if you have something worth talking about, we'll get the conversation going with our massive and enthusiastic fan base. If your Facebook page has less than 250K in followers, you can use NERDBOT to draw in new traffic and conversions.

For larger companies, the struggle is in reaching the RIGHT audience. Users of sites like Facebook aren't browsing for advertisements.  They're browsing for something exciting and entertaining.  That's why we want to work with companies that have products and services that our specially cultivated fans can share as a topic of conversation among the nerd community rather than ignoring them as an annoying ad. We can help you sculpt your product's image into a piece of social content that our Nerd army will not only buy, but share with enthusiasm!

More Diamonds, Less Rough

If you think that running your ad through NerdBot's facebook sounds like something that could benefit you, contact