NERDBOT's events are places to gather and enjoy a unique experience made for nerds. Interactivity and inclusion are the number one priority. Having your brand's name associated with our events shows the same commitment to the friendly and community focused projects that we've dedicated ourselves to.

NERDBOT- Con 2017

NERDBOT-Con is our largest public event, held annually at the Pasadena Convention Center. This year's event will be on September 30th and we hope to have even more fun than last year.  NERDBOT-Con's main goal is to be an event that puts its effort into being innovative and fun rather than simply being  profitable. We cater to cosplayers, gamers, collectors and artists in a family friendly and convenient location.

Nerd Knights

Nerds come out in force when a night event speaks to their interest.  NERDBOT has partnered with Dave & Buster's at the Arcadia Westfield Mall to bring Nerd Knights to pop culture enthusiasts in the greater Los Angeles area. With movie screenings, live music & comedy performances, karaoke, arcade games and happy hour drink pricing, Nerd Knights speaks to our more mature followers while still remaining focused on having a fun and friendly atmosphere.

NERDBOT Cosplay Gatherings

NERDBOT has always done our best to give back to the community since the beginning.  Our cosplay gathering events at Griffith Park in Los Angeles are a shining example of this.  Free event, free food and an opportunity for local cosplayers to get in front of some of Los Angeles County's best cosplay photographers. A simple day of nerdy fun with friends at the park to show the community that we care.  You can be a part of it with your sponsorship.

NERDBOT Live events