Morris Calderon

My name is Morris and I used to get very drunk for a too long, a little too often, unfortunately that didn't always work out so well for me and those around me.


The one benefit that came from all of that was what seemed to be a persona that had been brewing within me. Then one night, at a party, I threw on some old clothes and started talking to a bunch of strangers in a strange accent. Soon after that I was dressed in what everyone called "pirate clothes", although I can't remember very much from those nights anymore, I did get a lot of notoriety and within certain circles I was almost expected to be in attendance in garb.


But, in the past couple of years my drinking has definitely taken a back seat to being a father, and I have no issues with that. I'm also fortunate enough that my sense of adventure and wonder hasn't prevented me from my fatherly duties or kept my partner at a distance, instead we have family outings to faires or other annual and year round events. And now to have the opportunity to share those experiences, it's like the prefect log while out at sea!


Anyway, that's a bit about me, cheers mates and see you out on the high seas.

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