Trying to make an impression on a budget? Donate your product and we'll run a giveaway!

Reward the people who love your products and give your audience a chance to tell their friends how great you are from real experience. Nothing makes a toy look more fun than when it's in another kid's hands.  We've already got the kids together. All we need to do now is take what you've got and give it to someone while the rest look on in jealousy. 

By investing one or several of your products to be used as prizes, incentives and giveaways through NERDBOT's digital content and live events, your company can show off your product while showing support for real fans. Got branded swag? You didn't put your company name on 3,000 stress balls for the fun of it.  We'll be happy to make a show of spreading the word for you and your product. Just drop us a line and we'll tell you how we can reach the most people that'll want a piece of what you've got.

If you have a consumer product like a game, a household product or even a tool that's relevant to our audience, we'll be happy to put the time into showing them how and how well it works. Nothing sells like quality and we want our followers to see your product's quality demonstrated.  

Interested in making a Product donation to NERDBOT? contact

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