My Impressions From E3 2015

“We won’t charge you to play the games you already own.”


That had to be the quote of the entire E3 for me. A direct shot a Sony. As you are probably aware, backwards compatibility for Xbox One and PS4 games was a no go.

During this Time Sony had invested into a company called Gaikai,(who sells the technology) A service to allow PS4 owners to stream PS3 games and eventually PS2 and PS1 games, through a subscription and rental price model. Sony forked out $500 million to make this work despite possible latent issues. It was just another selling point for consumers to buy a PS4. On the other hand, Xbox One could not offer anything remotely close to that. In fact, last year Xbox said that if you want to play older games just buy a 360. Damn!

Though Xbox knew they had to try and please their customers. They had to find a way to make this work. If you want keep customers, you have to well…listen right? Backwards compatibility is not as lucrative as re-mastering old video games and selling them for 4 times as much as they’re currently worth. However, this news to me, as an Xbox and Ps4 owner hit home. As much as I am already excited to own an Xbox One, now my system just got that much better.

To have the option of dusting off an old game and popping it into my Xbox One from time to time or special “get togethers” amongst friends, while not paying for a service to do that, is truly a great feeling to have and what a better time to own an Xbox One.

PS4 owners also took notice. I’ve already seen the argument “why would I want to play old games?” And yes I get that, which is why we buy new consoles to play new games and be a part of the trend.

But doesn’t the retro aspect of it get any love?

What about those that never owned a Xbox360, but have wanted to play 360 games and don’t have the money to buy both systems? What about the games that will never get re-mastered and hold a special place in our heart? Let’s pop in Burnout Revenge (if possible) and have some fun. Don't you want your system to do everything?

In responding to Xbox’s announcement of backwards compatibility, Sony executive Shuhei Yoshida has responded to the news, calling it "interesting," and stating that the company has no immediate plans to offer native backward compatibility on PlayStation 4. Well why would you when you’ve already made a $500 million investment in a “pay to play” service. Do you eventually bite the bullet and ditch Gaikai? " I don't think we will change our approach," Yoshida said. "The PlayStation 4 doesn't have backward compatibility." "Backward compatibility is hard," Yoshida explained. "I won't say we'll never do it, but it's not an easy thing to do. If it was easy we would have done that." It was clearly not hard enough for Xbox to find a way to make this work. Score one for Xbox here.

As with any E3, what really gets us excited are the new games announced and what platform will they be on. I loved the new exclusives I saw with Playstation.

The Last Guardian is a game that has taken forever to make looks to be coming soon.

Horizon Zero Dawn looked promising . I loved the idea of fighting killer robotic dinosaurs in a post apocalyptic action-adventure.

Final Fantasy 7 remake is on the way. How awesome was that news ?

There will be a Star Fox game this year for Nintendo and the game play looks truly original.

2 indie games stood out to me.

CupHead a game that is 100% hand drawn and the chaos of it looked like a blast.

Then we saw the story of Unravel, a game that connects the past of where you’ve been literally by a string and to new adventures that await your life. It looked amazing and creative to say the least.

If there were any disappointments it had to be Nintendo despite showcasing Star Fox Zero.

We all wanted to see the new Zelda game and how it is coming along. Designer Shigeru Miyamoto said that they did in fact have new footage and confirmed that the game is also still coming to Wii U, despite the NX rumors (new Nintendo).

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said “We just fundamentally don’t believe in showing content at E3 that is going to be a long term proposition. We like to show content that typically will launch in the upcoming Holiday and maybe extending into the first half of the following year and at this point, the new Zelda for Wii U is not a 2015 project,” adding that when they showed it in 2014, they believed it would be a 2015 game. “There’s also a recognition that we didn’t want to frustrate the consumer. We could have scored a lot of points and showed some little tidbit of Zelda Wii U, but in our collective opinion the belief was, in the end, would caused more frustration than benefit.” Final Thoughts Isn’t it crazy we didn’t see anything on Dead Island 2? LOL how many times have we seen that commercial of the douche bag jogging on Venice beach? I guess not enough.

I didn’t care about the new Call of Duty Black Ops 3, but I do care about re-mastering old COD games that are rumored to be coming in the future. Sign me up for Modern Warfare and Black Ops 2 please!! Destiny’s new downloadable content Taken King looked damn good. Make sure you get that.

I think we saw maybe half a second on a new Vita game during Playstation’s quick monologue. It was rumored we might be seeing a new Vita and a price drop for the current Vita. That did not happen, though it could later. A huge line up from Tom Clancy awaits us and Rainbow 6 Siege, The Division, and Ghost Recon. They all look damn good and Ubisoft clearly gets it. I loved seeing Angela Bassett in Rainbow 6, she always plays a powerful character and will do so in RB6S and Aisha Tyler was a great host for Ubisoft. Never miss an Ubisoft press conference, they bring it. Plants vs. Zombie Garden Warfare 2 looked hilarious. I can see kids across the world excited for this.

Big ups to EA, I actually, for once like what they are doing. Battlefront 3 is looking better and better and dare I say NBA Live 2016 maybe got my attention.

EA Access is getting Titan Fall and Dragon Age Inquisition in their vault this year. I’ll say it again…for 30 bucks a year that is a damn good deal not to mention the perks of 10% off games and the ability to play some games a few days before they actually come is a great way to get a leg up on the competition.

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