A Pirates Guide, From Me!


Well, fancy finding myself in a place like this! Then again, there's no telling where the tides will lead you when you're a Victorian era pirate in modern times.

Needless to say I don't always fit in, save for special events and occasions of heavy drinking, which sound to me like I may, in fact, be in the right place after all.

In any case, my duty, as it has been expressed by the captain of this digital vessel of information, is to inform those of you interested enough in "cosplay" in how I got into "what I do".

1. The first thing I need to tell all of you is, that it's not work, or "a job", it should always be thought of as a lifestyle. Because once you've been to one con, faire, invasion, battle or party chances are you're not gonna stop there.

From the first time I donned my "costume" I knew I'd continue to add to it and think


of new and more elaborate ways in which to continue portraying a character or another personality which most people are too shy to try themselves.

2. When in doubt have a few shots, it worked wonders for my portrayal, ESPECIALLY being a pirate, but even the act of being in large crowds is easier to swallow with a bit of liquid courage. Not to mention you'll definitely receive a lot of questions while you're mingling and if you're on a good buzz having a real slur definitely makes your character more believable.

If your character doesn't talk or slur it's still nice to step away from your inhibitions for a bit at least until you can be as comfortable as you would be sober and in your own clothes.

3. Lastly, my advice would be to have fun! Nothing feels as rewarding as portraying a character that's interesting to you. Everything else tends to fall into place after that point and you'll find yourself believing you are your own version of that character anyway, so find something you can be passionate about pursuing, it'll make the entire process worthwhile.


Cheers, mates and happy cosplaying.​​

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