Club Cosplay & Chuck None

Club Cosplay “Salute Your Nerd!”” hit Hollywood at the OHM Club last May 24th.

You might have seen me. I was dressed as a Human Taco with a tag that said “Tuesday”

Taco Tuesday! I know…awesome right?


I was rolling with 9 Cosplay friends that night looking to have a great time and dance to some good music. I’ve been to a few past Cosplay Club events, but this time I was able to catch DJ Chuck None bring down “BOMB” music.

When his set came on all my fellow Cosplayers got wild and sweaty…in a non sexual way.

We started to move…dance and get dizzy. I was able to catch Juan Perez aka CHUCK NONE for a little NERDBOT interview.


Here’s how it went…

Elvin from NERDBOT: How long have you been playing music for Cosplay events?

Chuck None: 1 year

Elvin: Do you see feel a different vibe with Cosplay events as opposed to regular events you work with?

Chuck None: Yes completely different, nobody judges, I feel free to play what I want. At regular events everyone tends to stay to themselves, Cosplay events are the opposite

What’s your favorite Cosplay event you’ve DJayed thus far?

Chuck None: Club Cosplay Orange County

Elvin: Do you work on special tracks specifically for Cosplay events or do you stick to the basics?

Chuck None: I work on my own tracks to play anywhere, not Cosplay specific

Elvin: When the Hell does the NERDBOT crew get to see you BLOW IT UP again?

Chuck None: Hahaha. Studio 8 in San Jose next month and Club Cosplay's 1 year anniversary in August

Make sure to check out Chuck None’s soundcloud to get a taste of awesome.

Club Cosplay DJ Chuck None

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