Cosplay Is Life

What can I say about cosplay?

Merely that Cosplay is life.

Cosplay has given our generation a reason to costume it up any time of the year, rather than counting down the days until Halloween.

I may be late to the Cosplay scene, but I'm glad I've finally found it! It gives me a reason not to die from my 9 to 5 f-me job and a reason to look forward to the weekend. I day dream of the costume to hair and makeup ratio. I dig it all.

Cosplay allows you to completely transform into a character, actor, or super hero you love and it's damn right beautiful. Not only is it fun dressing up as someone you adore, but the people you meet at an event are hands down the best, most down to earth people you will ever meet.

There's not one person you can't go up to and compliment their costume without having an amazing convo.

I'm sure the 80's were fun, listening to music and dressing in rad clothes, but nothing can compare to our Cosplay generation. If we want to be someone, guess what, we flippin' do it. This is what makes our generation a blasty blast.

So in short, Cosplay is life. If you're not down, then well... Maybe we can talk about tv shows that blow our minds. Because I'm sure we can at least agree on 3 top notch shows. If not. I don't want to know you.

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