Jurassic World Movie Review

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

The birds were chirping and the dinosaurs were eating people!


That pretty much sums up Jurassic World.

I’m about 79% content with the movie.

All my fellow movie friends complained that it was too slow until it hit the very end.

I on the other hand thought it had a good build up.

I’ll keep it simple so I don’t spoil anything in case you’re the only person in the United States that hasn’t seen.

The Pros


Awesome Sauce! It’s what you would expect from a huge movie made in 2015.

Those are real dinosaurs right? Are you sure?

The Plot:

So…this is not based on a true story, but it delivers.

Evil corporations, super dinosaur, fights to the death. Yes please!

The Feel:

I think it was very well paced. There was an older gentleman next to me that was jumping out of his chair half the time. I love seeing that.

The Cons

The Characters:

Well…they could have all died…I wouldn’t have cared. Well, Chris Pratt’s character was designed to be likable, but I’ve seen it too many times.

He was basically playing Indiana Jones fights dinosaurs.

Love Story:

Weak and unbelievable. As usual with these types of blown up movies.

I personally didn’t like Howard Bryce's character. There was no depth and zero back story and development.


I’m going to give this movie a NERDBOT 7.5 out of 10.

I felt like a kid again watching this movie. When it was over I just didn’t have much to complain about.

There’s plenty to work on for a sequel so till then.

I case you haven't seen the trailer...here it is

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