Love & Amiibos by Ajay Graham

For as long as I can remember I have had a very for strong admiration...the opposite

sex. I still remember my very first crush. Her name was Crystal. She was beautiful, just the most lovely girl ever. She was the daughter of my parents friends. We would go to each other's houses, and go to the parks with our dads. I wanted to be her boyfriend so bad. But...for whatever reason, these feelings were not mutual. That pretty much set the tone for romantic life.

As I got older, things didn't get any better. I grew up waiting to go to high school so I could find my "high school sweetheart", but it was to no avail.

I put in the effort with countless girls...nothing. After high school I had a little luck with a woman that was 6 years my senior. At the time she just wanted to talk to me because she wanted to...ummm "deflower" me. Which happened, but we ended up being in a relationship for about a year.

After that I went back my not-so-lucky ways. I found myself in very dumb cycle that wasn't productive. I would find a girl, date the girl and strike out. Then I would try find a new girl to get over the last one. It became a sick twisted hobby.

I was talking about the cycle with a friend and he mentioned I should find a really good game, and just put my attention on that. And I did. I played God of War for Playstation 2. And man...I got REALLY into it. I wouldn't answer my phone when I was playing. My mind wasn't stressed out. Fast foward to today, I'm 30 years old and I find myself in that same cycle. I had the fortune of dating 3 women almost back to back to back. The first captured my heart, the second captured my mind and the last captured my lust, but none of the three panned out . After a brief second stint with the 3rd woman I felt I had started the cycle again.

Now, remembering how God of War had helped me get through the cycle when I was younger, I decided to do it again. But what game?

I had recently bought a Nintendo Wii U after a game night at a friends house. I really loved Smash Bros. I love the idea of all the iconic game characters in one game fighting each other. But the game was not as in depth as God of War.

Then I thought...hey those Amiibo things!

Those take gaming to another level. The idea of being able to level a collectible item. Also some amiibos like Ness and Villager...kinda hard to get your hands on those. So my hunt for amiibos began. So follow me as I hunt for these hard to find, sought after little figures called...AMIIBOS!

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