Top 5 Games at E3 This Year

Brett Molina from USA Today covered E3 this year and released hislist of the top 5 games he saw at E3 this year.


Below is his list. I've included tralers for each game.

Edge of Nowhere

Insomniac Games' jump to the Oculus Rift served as a good sign of how terrifying a horror or action thriller can perform on virtual reality. Scaling mountains in the Antarctic in search of an expedition team, players uncover mysterious threats in treacherous, icy conditions.

Fallout 4

It was only presented in the form of a stage demo, but the role-playing adventure's appearance was rather convincing. Players will be able to create their own personal journey through a post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland as a survivor of Vault 111.

Super Mario Maker

Players design and share their own game levels based on the classic Super Mario series. Players choose between four themes inspired by earlier games in the series, creating the toughest platforming challenges for their friends.

Star Wars Battlefront

A fun cooperative action game, this is. The shooter from the makers of the Battlefield series allows players to fight off waves of Stormtroopers and other Empire foes, while online multiplayer boasts large battles with soldiers and giant walkers.

Uncharted 4

A Thief's End. The next adventure for treasure hunter Nathan Drake looks as explosive as its predecessors. The fourth installment finds Nathan ending an early retirement to embark on a new quest for loot with his brother, Sam

Source: USA Today

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