What on Earth is that smell? Oh, it's 343 Industries

343 Industries has completely ruined my love for Halo.

There, I had to get that off my chest. I can’t even remember the great times I had with Halo 2, 3, ODST, and Reach because 343’s foul stench that reeks and has corrupted my memories.

5 months after MCC, 343 said it now works. Nope! Try 9 months later and you hope it works right? There are still matchmaking issues.

Watch my video here and see the kind of shit that happens when I try to get into a match.

Yeah I get kicked right back as if 343 is saying “silly rabbit tricks are for kids”.

Here are some images of the madness:


Yeah, pretty soon some woman is going to step out of my TV and kill me from a video tape I saw a week ago. Seriously you talk to anyone who bought the MCC collection (after they were already not too happy with Halo 4) all you hear is validated complaints, myself included.

Every time I hear more information about Halo 5, I just want to barf because 343 has again ruined Halo for me. Almost all of the MCC haters out there have moved on to Destiny and rightfully so. Bungie knows how to put a great game together and even if Destiny was limited when it first hit stores, its foundation was in place for growth as they are still adding tons to the game with DLC. Most importantly Bungie is listening to their fans and always striving to make their game as good as it can be. So Destiny has done that during the last 10 months while MCC has been broken. I have never seen such a historic launch fail since ET for Atari. If 343 wanted to win back their Halo faithful, I suggest as many other do is to give Halo 5 free for all the MCC buyers out there who had shed out their hard earned 60 bucks for a broken game. We feel lied to and honestly 343 deserve all of the backlash it has received and then some. Even typing this makes me beyond irritated about their epic fail.

What’s even more hilarious is that 343 kept rolling out updates to “fix” their matchmaking and various other bugs with the game and it got worse. LOL it actually did. It was like “here is a new update to continue to crumble our broken game you bought, enjoy”.

This is 2015, the future is already here as virtual reality hardware is coming soon, there is no excuse for shenanigans in a time like this. You can probably tell there is much more hate behind these sentences and that also stems from being so stupidly excited for MCC to come out, that I just couldn’t wait for it to come out. I couldn’t wait to play some of my favorite games in high definition, 60fps, 1080p. Hell, when this was first announced people whom never actually ever played the Halo franchise, but always wanted to, bought or preordered an Xbox One just for this game, to experience what they’ve all missed all along, all of the great games all on one disc, what a damn deal. Now they miss their $500 bucks because the MCC was suppose to be an iconic, must have game. I will never support 343 ever again. If they even dare ask us to buy their game after what they did to us, then that will be a new low. At some point you say “we are already at the bottom, it can’t get much lower than this”

Oh, please don’t tempt 343

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