Destiny: Looking Ahead to The Taken King

I have a love-hate relationship with Bungie’s most recent success. On one hand, I think it is one of the most mechanically sound shooters in quite sometime. Shooting feels great. The movement abilities given to each class provide unique ways to navigate the terrains of each planet. The sound is stellar. However, the problems become evident once a player reaches the maximum level. Repetitive gameplay in the form of grindfests for reputation and marks makes the game feel like more of a chore and less of an actually fun experience. However, that loot-driven gameplay manages to really pull me in every now and then. With two expansions having under its belt, what is next for Destiny?

Enter The Taken King. At E3, Bungie announced the newest expansion for Destiny. The Taken King promises to be the biggest expansion of the three. The Taken King will provide new types of enemies, presumably a new raid, more strikes, a new zone, and even new subclasses for the three existing classes. Unfortunately, the extra content comes at an extra price. The Taken King will cost $40 when it launches this September which is double the price of the previous two expansions.

It is worth noting that the prices of the available versions are causing some controversy. The Taken King will require the original Destiny game in addition to the two expansions. However, a collector’s edition will be released for a whopping $80 which will include exclusive shaders, weapons, and emotes. The fact that these are exclusive makes early-adopters feel as if they were cheated in this deal. In order to receive the exclusive content, an individual may have to rebuy the previous two expansions in addition to the base game. However, Bungie has heard your concerns and promises even better perks for early adopters. Time will tell if whatever Bungie has planned for early-adopters will silence the frustrated fans.

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