The Tao of Kung Fury: Hacking Life into Awesomeness

May 28, 2015- Youtube channel LaserUnicorns releases the epic super-cop kung fu crime drama short film known as Kung Fury. In only 31:02 minutes(the entire length of the movie), I became a total zealot of Kung Fury.


This movie had everything a person can ask for: action, drama, comedy, romance, suspense, dinosaurs, Thor….the list goes on. What captivated me was how close the movie was to the source material. To my surprise, it has not been widely reported that this movie is based on a true story. I had to dig deep in to interwebs to find a publicized story of how a man who was simultaneously struck by lightning and bitten by a cobra , was transformed into a kung fu freak of nature. I didn’t believe that would be possible, but it was on the internet so it must be true.Unfortunately California is currently lacking in lightning storms and cobras so I was unable to recreate the event to gain super kung fu powers, but the movie has definitely influenced me to become more awesome.

I am currently taking online time hacking classes thru Devry University. I am also waiting for Thor the God of Thunder to accept my friend request on Facebook so that we can be gym buddies and work on our pecs. In addition, I signed up for self-defense classes at my local YMCA. On top of all of that, I binge watch the movie Kung Fury to absorb its essence as much as I can. It has become a living passion that I can believe in. I can already feel the change in my DNA. Every morning when I wake up I feel like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. There’s a brand new feeling in my heart, like it’s burning. This burning must be the beginnings of becoming a true survivor. I feel better, stronger, faster, and more furious than before. Now I am able to approach any girl with confidence and seduce them with one liners, I can jump off of a building and land in a splits position with no problem, and punch a Nazi in the balls with no remorse. So if you’re tired of your Kung fu-less life and need some action, you need watch Kung Fury.

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