GameStop's Most Expensive Retro Games

Announced last week, various GameStop's will now sell retro consoles and games such as Sega Genesis, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, PlayStation 1 and Dreamcast.

GameStop's most expenive games are some you already may own.

If you are one of those lucky people to have these games and consoles (that still work) consider yourself lucky because the price of your old retro games have more value then ever before.

Below are a few of the games right now at Gamestop that will cost you a pretty penny if you dont already own the game yourself. Personally i would recommend going to any yard sale near by or hitting up some friends that don't play these games anymore and maybe you will find Conker's Bad Fur Day for a buck instead of forking out 90 bucks at GameStop. Its funny, my friend on Facebook was looking to clear space and make a few bucks.

Needless to say I scored big time. I was able to score a Gamecube with the Gameboy adapter, Nintendo 64 with a bunch of classic games including Conker's all for 30 bucks. That's called a win right there. Below are the most expensive retro games at GameStop. Suikoden 2: $89.99 Chrono Tiger: $89.99 Conker;s Bad Fur Day: $79.99 Tales of Destiny Price: $79.99 Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena Price: $79.99 Cannon Spike: $79.99 Mega Man Legends 2: $69.99 Power Stone 2: $69.99 Klonoa: Door to Phantomile: $59.99 Some of these game above are already ported. In fact I just got Suikoden 2 during Sony's Flash Sale for 10 bucks earlier this year. Sure GameStop's main selling point is availability all in one place, but I'd recommend doing what I did or checking out Craigslist and save.

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