Amiibos Are For Hunting!

Nintendo has been under some fire from the producers of Infinity for Nintendo's method of releasing Amiibos.

They are noted as saying "Nintendo is purposely creating a shortage of certain

Nintendo has "store exclusive" releases. Target only had Rosalina and Luma, Dark Pit will only be available at Best Buy, Shulk only at Game Stop. Exclusive releases paired with staggered releases or waves of releases makes finding Amiibos very troublesome for some people.

But not for me.

I like the idea of some Amiibos being hard to find. Its a like a scavenger hunt. It makes the Amiibos mean a little more than just a toy, action figure or video game. It makes it like a treasure that you've unearthed and claimed for yourself. When I was younger I used to collect basketball cards. What made certain cards worth more than others were the odds of getting a certain card in a pack.

On the back of the package or box they had the odds of receiving a special card called an "insert". The odds of getting an insert varied from 1:2 to serial numbered cards...meaning that they're only a few in circulation like the card here

This is a card that has a piece of Micheal Jordan's game worn jersey and it's autographed. There's only 25 (autographed and numbered personally by His Airness) that were released in the 1999-2000 series for Upper Deck.

Did I buy pack after pack hoping to get one of these gems...damn right! Did I get one? ...NO, but now that card is selling for about $7000 on eBay...which brings me back to the Amiibos. I knew my search for Amiibos was probably going to happen on eBay. People are hoarding them with the sole intention of selling them for profit.

That was my not my motive.

I feel they should be used and displayed, not kept in the box. So far I've had to buy 2 amiibos on eBay: Pit and one of my favorites on Smash Bros, Villager. Before you flip out and say "you paid $120 for Villager?!" Well...The US version is going for about $125. I did accidentally buy the European version (EU), but it still works on the US Wii U.

Are you reading this and still wondering what an Amiibo is?

Once you scan the Amiibo on the Wii U it gives you a random snippet of a game from the past. That's a very innovative idea.

You can also train your Amiibos on Smash Bros.

This hunt is fun! It wouldn't be as fun if you could just go to the store and scoop up Link or Diddy Kong.

To Nintendo...keep doing it your way!

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