The Reel Story: Lion King...Scar Was A Hero!

If you don’t like Disney then fuck you! They usually have singing animals, stories of finding true love, and undertones of social injustices.

You've been led to believe that Mufasa and Simba were some kind of heroes.


The Lion King is Disney’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s Tragic Story of Hamlet. Hamlet is reimagined as the character Simba, the nephew of the civil rights revolutionary Scar and son of the facist King Mufasa.

You see, Mufasa segregated the hyenas away from the rest of the Pride Lands and left them to starve in the barren wasteland known as the elephant graveyard.

To educate young Simba of his father’s caste system, Scar tells his nephew about the elephant graveyard. Simba lies to his parents and takes his best friend and possible sister Nala with him to the elephant graveyard and along the way they sing about his elitist privilege as he is the next in line for the crown of King of the Pride Lands.

At the elephant graveyard they are pursued by three poor starving hyenas due to their desperation to survive in a corrupt system.

Later on Simba causes Mufasa to be killed during a water buffalo protest march and runs away in shame and embarrassment.

Scar is forced to assume the position of King and spreads the message of equality within the Pride Lands by abolishing the segregation of the hyenas.

During Scar’s reign as King, Simba is saved from death by two hobos, Timon and Pumbaa.

During his time with the homeless duo, Simba learns humility by having to scavenge for food and fend for himself as he no longer has the safety net of his prestigious family.

Time passes and Simba ages into a young adult lion. At some point a lioness preys on Timon and Pumbaa, but Simba saves them from being consumed. This lioness turns out to be Simba’s childhood friend Nala and they engage in adulterous acts.

Nala convinces Simba to comeback to the Pride Lands and overthrow the benevolent King Scar so that the lions can reassume their hierarchy over all other animals.

So they return and after brutally murdering his uncle Scar, Simba claims the throne and casts out the hyenas out of the Pride Lands. Society then chooses to forget those who have fallen as Simba’s tyrannical Regime begins.

R.I.P Scar. You're the real MVP

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