Our Top 10 "USA,USA,USA" Movies to watch on the 4th

Happy Independence Day! Well folks. That time of year is upon us. The time of year when we look back at all the things that make us great as a nation. I, for one, am proud to be an American.

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With all that’s going on in the world, sometimes its nice to sit back and watch few of the flicks that fill us with pride, nostalgia, or just great warm fuzzies for the Red, White, and Blue. With that in mind here are the Resident Redeneck’s Top 10 American flicks to get us excited for the 4th Of July.

#10 Rocky IV:


Few things get as great as a clear good guy vs bad guy scenario. Rocky IV was just that. A great flick that clearly drew the line of good guy U.S.A vs. bad guy Russia. Sure, things have changed since then, but few things will fill you with as much pride as cheering for The Itallian Stallion! #9 Top Gun:


While its not this reviewers favorite movies, nobody can deny the nostalgia and appeal of Top Gun. An amazing cast, an epic soundtrack, and the felling it leaves in all who witness; this film leaves everyone ready to light up some sparklers and enjoy the day! #8 Forrest Gump


Everyone Loves Bubba Gump. A great testament to the American dream. A film everyone can get behind. Forrest left us a great message; Be honest, treat everyone as equals, and Have A Nice…Day. #7 Wet Hot American Summer


Have fun, Relax, and love. Its all there. #6 Black Hawk Down


This film holds a special place in this reviewers heart. One of the most accurate films to a combat zone ever made. This film should be viewed with reverence as well as held with the utmost respect. #5 Team America: World Police


After #6, this is a great relief. Not taken too seriously, this is a great movie to sit back and enjoy with some friends. #4 Captain America: The First Avenger


A comic book movie? Sure. Yet still, there is a message we should all remember. Big man or small, do everything you can to protect your nation. Stand up against the bullys of the world. Don’t ever let anyone tell you “you cant”.

#3 Men of Honor


This based on a true story film leaves one with a desire to do all they can to make themselves better. To stand up for what you know is right, even when the world tells you its wrong. #2 The Patriot


A wonderful film based on the origins of our nation. Few can forget the great, action filled woodland scene of Mel Gibson and his sons taking out a regiment of Redcoats to free his eldest sons. Dark at times, Light at others, this movie reminds us to be thankful for what we have, and pay reverence to those who earned it for us. #1 Independence Day


The best Presidential (albeit fictional) speech ever, is in this movie. We stand up to any threat. I can’t say it any better so Ill leave it to President Thomas Whitmore. “Good morning. In less than an hour, aircraft from here will join others from around the world. And you will be launching the largest aerial battle in the history of mankind... "Mankind." That word should have new meaning for all of us today. We can't be consumed by our petty differences anymore. We will be united in our common interests. Perhaps it's fate that today is the Fourth of July, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom... Not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution... but from annihilation. We are fighting for our right to live. To exist. And should we win the day, the Fourth of July will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as the day the world declared in one voice: "We will not go quietly into the night!" We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on! We're going to survive! Today we celebrate our Independence Day!” Well folks, That’s my top 10 for this 4th of July. I know there are many others that I missed, but these are my favorites. Each of these films has a clear message. Whether its to stand up to the bully, be true to yourself, or to give your life for your fellow brothers in arms; I hope everyone finds something they can relate to in this list. Lets all remember on this Independence Day that so many gave their all so we could live free. With everything that’s going on in the world, its easy to lose sight of the things that made this nation great. I hope everyone has a joyous, reverent, and safe holiday. Brad “Resident Redneck” Chichester.

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