Xbox One Ultimate Game Sale isn’t so…Ultimate.

Dude. I mean like...dude, come on Xbox!

I’ve seen better deals on practically all these games elsewhere like Amazon , eBay... you name it. None of these deals even look great to me especially in the time of pre-owned games at GameStop. Sure we all want a brand new copy of a game we have been waiting to get our hands on, but these deals are a complete joke.

$35.99 for The Disaster Chief Collection? BWAHAHAHAHAH. That broken game is being sold for 20 bucks almost anywhere else. Maybe I’m too used to PlayStation’s random flash sales to know a deal when I see one.

For instance, why would I want to pay for Dragon Age Inquisition for 30 bucks when I can just sign up for EA Access and play Dragon Age with 10 other games for 30 bucks? To go out on a limb here, I guess if I had to choose what deal “stood out” (and it doesn’t really even stand out to me), but Ori and the Blind Forrest for $14.99 and Assassin’s Creed Chronicles : China for $5.99 I may bite on.

In the end at least Xbox is remotely “trying” to sell their games unlike Nintendo. Don’t get me started on Nintendo.

Here below is the link for the Ultimate Game Sale on Xbox.

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