Terminator Genisys Review: Great / Not So Great

Ok…so I had to watch this movie twice to understand the movies time travel concept. I still don't understand it and that’s weird because I actually understand time travel.

This was a great / not so great movie. Really action packed. I enjoyed all the fighting sequences. The storyline kind of made sense....if you’re a Terminator fan like I am then you will enjoy this movie.

Arnold's performance was great. It felt good to see him as the (Arnold voice) T-800 Cyberdyne systems model 101 after he was missing in that horrible movie Terminator Salvation. I've always wondered what T-800 model 102 looks like. The very beginning of this film starts out very much like the original. The dumpster... The thugs, "this guys a couple cans short of a six pack", I need your clothes and then bam.... "You won't need them". 1984 terminator throws down with even older terminator called "pops" or "guardian". This fight was good.

There's a T-1000 waiting for Kyle Reese in the ally of the department store. He appears to be outmatched... Until Sarah Conner shows up and saves him. Wait what... Sarah saves him???? Yes. Apparently were in a different time line... I feel like the writers did this to wipe out T-2, T-3, and T-4. Which is a good thing because 4 was terrible, 3 was watchable... But two is a classic... The best movie out of the series for me.

Sarah Conners (played by Emilia Clarke) performance was alright, but in her defense she had some big shoes to fill. Linda Hamilton’s performance as Sarah Conner was rock solid. I would have preferred a better Kyle Reese. John Conner’s character was good with the exception of him being a bad guy... like a super super Terminator. So there are some explosions. A helicopter chase... Some more explosions. Lots of bullets. Good action movie in my book.

I give it a 6 out of 10.

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