Movie Review: Trainwreck (not a trainwreck at all)

From TV to the Big Screen.

Writer Amy Schumer (Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer) stars in Judd Apatows (The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up) latest movie “Trainwreck”. A slight twist in the usual boy meets girl romantic comedy genre. In this movie it’s more like girl meets boy after boy after boy.

In the movie Schumer’s character, also named Amy, is taught from a very early age that “Monogamy is not realistic.” This is the bases of her lifestyle. Amy meets Aaron Conners, portrayed by Bill Hader (Superbad, Inside Out). Hader is a surgeon that specializes sports medicine. As the movie progresses Schumer and Hader become involved, and we are taken on a ride of ups and downs that is their relationship.

Performances in Trainwreck are solid across the board. Amy Schumer shows off her usual style of comedy as well as some dramatic skills, which is refreshing to see.

Bill Hader plays off the rest of the cast well, including LeBron James who is surprisingly good in the movie. Supporting cast includes: Brie Larson, Colin Quinn, Vanessa Bayer, Ezra Miller and John Cena (yes, that John Cena).

Good counter programming for those of you whom aren’t interested in this weekend’s latest Marvel movie.

Trainwreck gets 8.0 out of 10 on the Nerdbot-O-Meter.

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