How Gaming Droughts Can Be Good

As a consumer, gaming droughts are, inherently, pretty awful. This is typically a time where

many gamers are scratching for anything to play. A new phenomenon is releasing remakes during these droughts. Two recent examples of this come by way of last year’s release of Last of Us Remastered in the middle of a vacant summer and this July’s release of God of War 3. However, while we may be struggling for new games to play, there are quite a few reasons why gaming droughts aren’t all of a bad thing.

The Ones That Got Away

The most clear way to get through the is hitting our backlogs. Most holiday seasons bring with them a tsunami of games. While having stuff to play is a good thing, an overabundance of them causes the average person to miss out on certain titles. Gaming droughts are great opportunities to catch up on the missed games for an often lowered price. Maybe one of the millions of remakes is the one that you waited for.

All Eyes On Me

Games like Call of Duty and Halo are guaranteed to sell based on mass appeal and familiarity. However, there are those amazing games that are at a disadvantaged because they lack the familiarity and marketing of something like Activision. Therefore, some developers have wisely moved their game out of the way of the titans of fall and into a more barren time such as now. This year, we got Bloodborne. Bloodborne was a fantastic game and a spiritual successor to the Dark Souls series. This particular series prides itself on being insanely difficult. These games are known for being inaccessible and impenetrable. Therefore, it is clear that a game like Bloodborne would take a hit on sales due to its lineage of challenge. However, due to this game being dropped into a time where gamers are desperate to try games, Sony was pleasantly surprised with the sales of Bloodborne.

Another example of this occurrence was the release of Dying Light. Dying Light was yet another zombie game. While it was originally slated for a Fall 2014 date, Dying Light was pushed to early 2015 during a game shortage. Therefore, this otherwise overlooked game sold incredibly well and was well-received. It is a great move for both developers and gamers for these games to come out during a time where they will get the attention that they deserve and will inevitably profit from.

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