Club Cosplay Photoshoot & Meet Up - A Night To Remember

I went to ClubCosplay's free event Friday night in Corona with a few of our Nerdbot crew members. We hung out, had some drinks, listened to some awesome bands, and met some really cool people! I went dressed as Darth Vader and Jaime T went as Andre the Giant!

Elvin was taking pictures..always working.

First and foremost, I met Mr. ClubCosplay himself, Ivan David McCosplay.

Shortly after meeting Ivan, I could tell he's a very focused, hardworking and caring individual.

He gives hugs to the people he meets and welcomes everyone with open arms. He has built a community of like minded people that just want to have fun and the Nerdbot crew always have a great time at his events!

Soon after we ran into the very popular Lon( cosplaying as Wolverine! This guy is a well rounded, cool ass dude!

Not only can you see his love for cosplay, but he actually looks spot on to likie Hugh Jackman. If you ever see this guy at a cosplay event, go meet him! Take a picture with him! He will not disappoint!

August 14-15th is the next ClubCosplay event and trust me, you don't want to miss it! Check them out at

Below are some of the pictures we took. For the full gallery of pictures we took that night follow the link...CLICK HERE

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