I Want A Last Meal With Hannibal! The End Of A Series

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On June 22 2015 I received some terrible news.

Hannibal, a tv show that I have been watching for the past three years was canceled by NBC due to ratings, even though there is a cult following. Alsom DVR and onDemand are doing well.

Enough people just weren't tuning in during the week. NBC has allowed to let season 3 finish its final season on their network. To make matters worse they bumped Hannibal from its Thursday 10pm time slot to Saturday at 10pm. That slot is a graveyard.

Not since Breaking bad or Dexter have I been so in love with a TV show. And those shows were on cable. Hannibal airs on a basic network so I can't believe all the things that Bryan Fuller and his team of writers have gotten away with.

The seasons are based on events that happen in the books and in the movies. Hannibal Lecter( played by Mads Mikkelson) and Will Graham(Hugh Dancy) are a great duo. At the beginning of season 1, Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne) head of behavioral sciences at the FBI, sends criminal profiler Will Graham to psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter for help on profiling and capturing a serial killer known as the Chesapeake Ripper. Not knowing that Hannibal is in fact the Chesapeake Ripper.

This show is beautifully done. From the set designs, to Hannibal's suits. To the meals he prepares for his guests. I wouldn't mind coming over to his house for dinner, or being one of his guests at a dinner party that he hosts. This show is such a psychological thriller. Imagine being fed candied clay roasted thigh, from your own leg!

This show is so twisted and fun to watch. All the meals are a 5 star affair. Heart tartare, parmesan crumbled lambs brains, osso bucco, beef braised lungs. Even the music played during episodes is amazing. I have added a few songs to my iTunes list such as La Gazza Ladra, Scenes from Childhood, and Patria Oppressa.

I am hopeful that this amazing TV show gets picked up and aired on another network. As of now, Netflix has passed. Amazon Prime was runner up but they wanted to air season 4 right away and writers and the show creator didn't want to rush the shows format.

So if you have the stomach for it, I recommend you give this show a chance and pick up season 1-2 or stream from any number of media players out there.

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