A Beginners Cosplay Guide

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Cosplaying is absolutely one of the coolest things I’ve gotten into in my entire

nerd-filled life. It’s a community of such loving and like-minded people that more often than not are really supportive. Whether you be at a tiny convention or somewhere like San Diego Comicon, there are always people that are stoked to see you. It feels like you have friends everywhere, even in crazy places you’ve never been to.

If you’re anything like me though, you’re sitting here asking, ‘Lily, this sounds rad and all, but how the heck do I start?’ and I’ll tell you, dear confused reader!

You wing it.

Throw yourself to the crazily-dressed wolves. I know you’re having a minor heart attack thinking about that because everyone you see online always looks so impressive, but fear not! Everyone starts somewhere, plus, there’s always a way to weasel things into looking super badass. Here’s a cute little beginners (or lazy persons) guide to being awesome at cosplay.

  • If you’re anything like me, you hate sewing. There is a 99% chance that in my whole cosplay career I will get around sewing as much as humanly possible. Don’t be afraid to go to thrift stores, find starter pieces, and work your cosplay from there! Walking through a Goodwill or Wal Mart with your cosplay in mind will get you more inspired than you think.

  • Don’t worry about things being cookie cutter. It doesn’t have to be EXACT to the character you're cosplaying. My Princess Bubblegum cosplay involved a tutu and I rocked the house in that thing. Add your personality to it in whatever way your little heart desires. Ain’t nobody tellin’ you to do nothin’.

  • Saying that though, you might not want to start out doing that full homemade Halo spartan armor. It gets easier every cosplay, and you’ll learn more and more tricks as you meet fellow cosplayers, and trust me, you WILL make lots of awesome and talented friends to help you along the way.

  • Craft foam is a good friend.

  • Super glue is your best friend.

  • YouTube tutorials are your best best friend.

  • If you think something looks sort of junky but you can’t for the life of you fix it, don’t sweat it too hard. If someone is hovering over you looking at all the small glitches in your outfit that’s their own damn fault. Everything looks better from further back!

  • If you get any hate, punch them right in the face. Punch them in the face then go get yourself some ice cream.

  • Lastly, don’t be afraid of what people think is the dreaded store bought costume! Buy something that’s too rough to make yourself then add your own flair to it! If you’re in character and you know you look awesome, that’s all that matters.

All in all, starting up in cosplay is a lot less terrifying than you think. If you just do something that makes you happy and get excited about it, that’s all that matters in a real kick ass cosplay! There’s a community of really excited and welcoming people (including me) waiting for you to get out there, whether it be a costume you buy online or make from scratch! Everyone has their very first cosplay, and after that first time you’ll see that you can spread your little nerdy wings and soar into whatever your heart desires.

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