Ant-Man Movie Review - Honey, I shrunk the Ant-Man?

The film lead by Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) is entertaining but lacks both the art and

character nuances for an MCU stand alone. As for the last of phase 2 this is only a linking to the next batch of MCU films.

Settle down now Marvel fanboys. This isn't a bashing of the film. Reed's take on the film has some great ideas. A heist plot, suitable CGI, some funny dialogue, Micheal Douglas for Christ sake! But at times it felt like a small film in a big budget summer Blockbuster. Which I guess was the point right?

A decent film with a likable lead "Lang" and even a better supporting cast with most of the comedic relief "Luis" (Michael Pena), and the original Ant-Man former S.H.E.L.D agent Hank Pym (Micheal Douglas), and as always a nice cameo appearance of Stan Lee.

After all, this film has some good moments, but all in all I would have rather seen it as a Netflix series after Daredevil or maybe Night at the Roxbury.

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