The Art of Filming Cosplay: Interview with Killers And Company

"Son, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Who's gonna do it? You?!”...well...that's actually a quote from the movie "A Few Good Men". I've had a little too much coffee this morning and I'm feeling extra patriotic.

Why do I bring up this random movie reference from 1992?

It reminds me of all the reporters, bloggers, websites (NERDBOT!!!) and film companies that keep our Cosplay lives up to date and full of awesome information that help our nerd community grow. So…who’s on that wall guarding our memories and best moments through film?

KILLERS AND COMPANY (cue Star Wars music)

Next time you run in to these guys (and sometimes you might literally run in or over them) make sure to say hello with a salute. You might want to stand firm and scream “thanks for keeping watch”. That’s what I do, but like I said…I’m really high on coffee.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Killers And Company.

NERDBOT: What is Killers and Co all about?

K&C: Killers and Company consists of Eric Kruger and Kevin Quezambra. We created it as a way for us to have fun while keeping our craft sharp. We both work in film and have a passion to always be doing something film related. As we both have a love for the nerd culture it seemed to go hand in hand to film Cosplay. We get to show off some amazing work by the designer as well as try to pull off cinematic and very dynamic shots. We love what we do and hope people enjoy what we are creating.

The Nerdbot Crew had the pleasure of meeting you at a Cosplay event recently. I immediately took notice of the care you put into your videos. What made you choose Video as your main career?

K&C: We decided to work in film making with a love and respect for the art. Growing up seeing films that really made you feel and change your whole perspective on life really stood out for me. While we consider making Feature Films and shorts our main passion, we take each and every cosplay shoot just as serious. We love the world and love to bring people a new way of seeing it.

I know you travel with a crew to events. What was the most difficult place you've filmed Cosplay in terms of space and restrictions?

K&C: Well since our crew is, as of now just two of us, we really dont have much problems getting around. The main issues we run into is people gathering to see what or whom we are shooting, carrying the food and drinks for the day, and when we want to get high movement set up, but the area is very crowded. Most cons have a great place to shoot. We avoid the madness and try to find beautiful backdrops that we can pull off in a secluded area.

Have the Killers And Company team ever Cosplayed or do you stay behind the magic curtain?

K&C: Currently, we have not. We have the idea in our heads to do something and probably will. Only issue is that we would still want to film the events we attend. So we would have to create something mobile and not hinder our filming. But yes one day....

What was your favorite event to film in terms of vibe and just pure fun?

K&C: Honestly, Wondercon was the best for us. It had a very laid back vibe for us. We got to meet and hang out with people without being shoulder to shoulder crowded. There is a different energy at a con that isn't packed. No one is in a rush and people just enjoy themselves. Every con is fun but the atmosphere changes each one. If we can find a good place to shoot at a con without a big crowd we are happy.

Is there any specific thing you guys NERD out on?

K&C: We both have a love for most of it. Eric has a Star Wars and video game love but respects it all and wants to see more. Kevin is mostly all of it, love for all things from Anime to Doctor Who. We both grew up on the best video games, movies, anime and comics. Every event is hard to not break away after some exclusives or to just enjoy the con.

What are a few upcoming events you plan on filming?

K&C: The events approaching for this year that we will be filming are: Comikaze, Nerdcon, Blizzcon and hopefully Long Beach Comic Con. We are always looking for more events and as we hear about them we will try to make it out.

Make sure to folow these awesome crusaders at the following coordinates:

Check out this amazing videos Killers And Company filmed from SDCC 2015

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