Game of the Year Watch: Metal Gear Solid V

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Metal Gear Solid is a series that has been prevalent in the gaming space since 1987.

In September, we will the newest, and possibly the last, installment in the well-known series. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, presumably, finishes the story of Big Boss and continues to the story of Snake Eater, Ground Zeroes, and Peace Walker.

In typical Hideo Kojima fashion, there is much about this game that remains a mystery despite it's quickly approaching release date. We know that the game will have a heavy online component in the form of Metal Gear Online. However, little is known about what that facet of the game actually consists of. While it is frustrating, this mystery is part of the appeal of the series. From the footage, we’ve seen flaming whales, undead-esque soldier, a dog companion, and some terrain-altering power in the form of giant earth spikes. That is Metal Gear for you.

Following the events of Ground Zeroes, Big Boss is on a conquest to rebuild his base. This is done similar to the world-building aspect of Peace Walker. Capturing soldiers and allocating them to different parts Big Boss’ base is a huge component to the game.

What will Phantom Pain have in store for us? We will find out come this September. Here is the most recent trailer shown at this year’s E3.

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