A Guide to Getting Tattooed - Nerdy Edition

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Probably the first thing people notice when they see me is that I’m insanely short. But, other than that, my left arm is pretty well-armored with tattoos and 100% of them are nerdy. I know you’re thinking ‘Lily, the second something hits your body it becomes nerdy. That’s how much of a nerd you are.’ to which I say thanks smartass, I know. But I mean that they’re almost all video game related and one anime-related tattoo. Yes, I’m that kid, and I know I’m not the only one. If you’re thinking about joining the league of tattooed badasses but you’re a little nervous, don’t worry! I have some tips to make your decisions a little easier.

First, don’t take anyone’s advice and expect that to be exactly how it’ll be. Everyone has different levels of pain tolerance and every artist and tattoo is different. If fear of pain is the only thing holding you back though, I beg of you to get over it. The outcome is way more worth it than avoiding the pain, and it’s nowhere near as bad as you’re building it up to be. Take some deep breaths and listen to the Attack on Titan intro theme. If Armin Arlert can go through all that shit, you can get a tattoo.

Don’t make the mistake I did with my first tattoo and look really really hard into a tattoo artist. I just kinda picked someone that was close to me and even though he did a pretty rad job he spent the entire time complaining about how skinny my arm was and it took him two sessions and eight hours in total for something that should’ve taken five at the most. It was not a good time. Search to the ends of the earth for a tattoo artist you truly love and trust.

Also, save up the cash and pay up. Unless you want some sketchily done tattoo by someone who is possibly currently drunk as he puts needles to your arm, you’re going to want to pay the extra money for it to be nice. This will be on your body forever. Treat yourself.

In the realm of nerd-themed tattoos, my best advice is make sure it’s something you really love, but don’t stress about that too much. Don’t freak out wondering if you’ll still love it in 10 years, because in my experience if it means something to you now, that’s all that matters. Tattoos are like a life story, and even if you don’t care as much about that My Little Pony cutie mark on your butt cheek in ten years, it’ll still be awesome and part of your story because it once meant a lot to you. ( Writers Note: You will probably regret a cutie mark on your butt cheek. That’s an awful analogy and I would highly recommend not doing that. Ever.)

The most important rule in all of this is don’t give a flying frickle frackle what anyone else thinks. If they don’t like the idea of you getting that portrait of Gandalf tattooed on your neck but you’re absolutely in love with it, that’s their problem. It’s your body and your own story, you’re the one that gets to call the shots around here, bub! If you get any hate for anything you really love, punch them in the face. Punch them right in the face and go get yourself some ice cream and that awesome tattoo. That’s my advice, for tattoos and just life in general.

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