"AMY" Documentary Review - The Tribulation Of An Artist

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A glimpse into the life of Amy Winehouse.

Most documentaries based on a person usually only show you their successes, but fail to address their life struggles. Amy is very different, not only does this documentary show you Amy Winehouse’s greatest achievements, but it also shows you her greatest weaknesses.

Even though Amy Winehouse went on to win 5 Grammys she never believed that she would be famous, as described by her friends and family she was shy and fame scared her. From a very early age she would write poetry, personal poetry that would relate to what was happening in her life. This would also be the way that she wrote songs. At the time Amy mentioned that she wouldn’t write music without a purpose, writing would make her feel better. In a good or bad situation music was her outlet. As time progressed her circumstances changed, she became famous and along with fame came difficult times. She began to have a drinking problem (due to personal problems) which later developed to the use of crack cocaine and heroin, throughout the years she would be in and out of rehab. Constant drinking and drug use would ultimately play a part in her death.

Amy gives us an in-depth behind the scenes look into every aspect of this artists life with the use of homemade videos, voice recordings, interviews, pictures and of course her music. Her music is beautifully used throughout the film; it was moving to hear a recording of Amy just talking about various events in her life with her music in the background and her hand written lyrics on the screen perfectly synchronized. As beautiful as all this was we also saw the darker side of things, nothing was held back. Pictures of her under the influence of drugs were shown as well as a clip of her and her, back then, husband doing drugs. Her family would be in pain because of this behavior and we got to hear them express their concerns and fears. Towards the end of this film one of Amy’s friends talks about a final conversation that they had before her death, a conversation that I think would haunt anyone.

My brief summary of Amy pales in comparison to the actual film, I can only give you a glimpse of it. There are many more details that can be found on this film. Its honesty and transparency make me believe that this is the way Amy would have wanted her story told because she was honest and transparent, she was always herself.

For offering us a real look into the life of Amy Winehouse this film gets a 10 out of 10 on the Nerdbot - O - Meter, it’s an independent film out on limited release so go check it out as soon as possible.

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