Playstation Now - $20...Hundreds Of Games

The direction of entertainment is going the way of streaming services as technology progresses.

With services like Netflix, Hulu and the WWE Network these subscription services are expediting this revolution and the video game industry is throwing their name into this hat. I recently subscribed to PS Now. PS Now is a service on the PS4.

For about 20 bucks a month you are able to play 100's of games in the Playstation library with more to come. I really like the service. I’m going to list some pros and cons for PS Now


You can try it for free for 7 days to see how you like it

A big and growing library

At $20, if you play at least 3 games that’s just like getting 3 used games

It gives you a chance to play games you wouldn’t normally buy.

It gives indie games a chance to get some publicity

It links up with your PS3 trophies

It allows you to play online


You need a strong internet connection (I suggest having a wired connection)

No DLC (I think if you have PS Plus you should be able to get the DLC for all the games)

So all and all I think "PS Now" is worth checking out. Give it a try!

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