Force Of Will - For Fans of Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic

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A Card game which originated from Japan in 2014 has now breached the U.S. It sparked interest in the United States late last year. The first English printed sets hit local game shops in February. Its made nothing but tidal waves through the local gaming community. I myself play this game and it is a lot of fun. Very simple mechanics. Fun art styles.

Its almost as if Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic: the Gathering had a child.

This game is based off a slightly dark twist on fairy tale and fantasy lore. It features characters such as, Cinderella, Dracula, Grimm, Hanzel and Gretel, Etc.


  • Magic Stones(Mana): Cards that produce Will which you use to pay the cost of other cards.

  • Resonators(Creatures): Creatures you summon to help you in battle to defeat your opponent.

  • Spells(Instant and Sorcery): They allow a player to support their Resonators with various effects, or hinder their opponent's Resonators.

  • Additions(Enchantment): Enchantments or Enhancements to augment their own Resonators or weaken opposing Resonators.

Basic Winning Conditions

  • Reduce opponents life from 4000 to 0.

  • Opponent cannot draw a card.

This card game is slowly taking the U.S. by storm. This will be the next meta card

game by the end of this year. You can already see it is Select Wal-Marts. So I'd HIGHLY recommend Going to your local game shop and pick up an intro deck and start playing.

I personally wish every single one of you the best of luck in trying out Force of Will and hope you enjoy it as much as i have so far.

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