Ray Donovan - If you haven't seen it...Get Started!

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This Summers TV progarmming is feeling a little dry.

Do you feel it? If you do you need to check out Ray Donovan.

Liev Schrieber stars as Ray Donovan, an Irish enforcer and Hollywood fixer. If your a celebrity and you have a problem such as waking up with a groupie who overdosed on your bed or a stalker paparazzi Ray Donovan's the man you call to fix your problem. I remember first seeing all the Ray Donovan previews. They would play after each epiosde of Dexter's season 8. which premiered June 30 2013. After Dexter season 8 episode one aired, I decided to give Ray Donovan a try. And low and behold Ray Donovan's premier was far better than Dexters. So I kept watching. The stories that developed from Ray Donovan were much better than Dexters season 8.

Mickey Donovan (Jon Voight) is Rays estranged father who, after being released from prison goes to kill a priest an hour after his release. Mickey has been trying to make his way back into Ray and his family's life since his release from prison, but Ray isn't having it Paula Malcomson plays Abby Donovan, Rays wife who's is trying to keep her family together.

What I love about this show is all the plot lines and twists. The way the show is written actually makes me care somthing for the charaters and thier situations.

Ray Donovan season 3 premiere just aired on July 12, 2015. We are currently on episode 2.

Episode 3 just aired this Sunday July 26. But I recommend you begin from season 1!

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