Game Of The Year Watch: Fallout 4

The long-rumored Fallout 4 was finally announced at this year’s E3. While the

extensive gameplay reveal was surprising, the release date for this year was even more shocking. In a time where games are revealed then spend another 3-4 years in development, the highly anticipated Fallout 4 will release the same year it was announced.

The rise of the western RPG gave birth to many interesting and unique titles. Fallout is on that list. Fallout takes place in an alternative future where global nuclear war gave way to a desolate and sparse existence of life on earth. In this dystopian wasteland, your character rises from a fallout shelter following decades after the bombs dropped. The demo shown at this year’s E3 shows the player-created character returning to his or her previous homestead that is now desolate and devoid of any life besides a human-assisting robot. In Bethesda fashion, the majority of the storyline remains a mystery.

We did, however, see a massive gameplay demo. V.A.T.S makes a return as the primary means of combat in Fallout 4. However, a new customization system is introduced in the weapons and environments in Fallout 4. The demo revealed extensive customization options to weapons in the form of adding countless variations to existing weapons. A base-building component was also shown. Depictions of the player rebuilding his or her town/base showcased a rather extensive system allowing for the usage of resources to add on to and create new buildings. Veterans to the franchise will understand the amount of content present in these games is almost overwhelming. These additional features will likely only increase the amount of time that most players will sink into Fallout 4.

Unfortunately, much still remains a secret of Fallout. Such is the lineage of Bethesda. November 10 we will get all of the answers we need on this beloved game franchise.

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