Pixels - Complete. Utter. S**t.

Here's a great! Oh....wait..it's just another Adam Sandler film :/

The last time there was a good Happy Madison production was "Grandma's boy"

and then before that was in the 90's. So there's no surprise that this new film is Complete. Utter. Shit.

Where do I begin? Let's think positives? Well probably the only good thing that's riding for this film is Nostalgia... And Eddie (Peter Dinklage).

This film would have probably been better if you had the entire cast of Saved by the Bell...

Once again Sandler plays the SAME generic "loser" character like he always does in all his films. Chasing after the same girl (Michelle Monaghan) that you know damn well would never give him the time of day. While getting assistance from Ludlow Lamonsoff (Josh Gad) and President Will Cooper (Kevin James).

This movie is awful. If you actually thought this was going to make you love Adam Sandler again..you thought wrong my friend.

This movie gets a 2.0 and that's being generous only because of the Nostalgia factor.

- Original Nerdbot Review

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