Wolverine: A Sharp Day At The Car Wash - Nerdbot Plot Submission to Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman posted on Twitter that he is going to renew his iconic role as Wolverine.

I’m a big fan of the Wolverine movie series and of Hugh, but I’m a little offended at his twitter post.

Here it is below

I’m supposed to believe, that out of thousands of replies and submissions MY PLOT idea for a MultiMillion dollar movie is actually going to be read, considered, and produced by 20th Century Fox.

Well…of course!!!! If Hugh Jackman says so on Twitter.

Well Hugh and 20th Century Fox, I’ve taken in to consideration your budget, prop design, time frame, location restrictions and the entire Wolverine Legacy.

Here’s my short plot submission to Hugh Jackman:

To: Hugh Jackman

From: Elvin Zuleta / Editor In Chief / Nerdbot.com

Hi Hugh,

I’m so glad you’ve promised to read and possibley use my plot for your new movie!

I appreciate the opportunity. I'm sorry I couldn't keep it to 50 words. I'm just so damn excited!

Please read below


3 years have passed since Logan (Hugh Jackman) changed the future of humanity.

The threat of Bolivar Trask’s Sentinel program has been erased from the days of our Future Past (see what I did there Hugh)

Now a new future begins. Logan needs to find employment to cover his expenses.

The most obvious choice was Rick’s Car Wash just outside Salem Center, New York.

Not too far from the school. It just makes financial sense to be close to home and save on gas.

On his first day he starts making new friends he lovingly names “The Wet Men”

The days continue on like any common job….wax on wax off (Karate Kid reference…maybe you can obtain the right to use that line).

One day a large red Kenworth K100 cab over truck rolls in. Logan doesn’t see a driver in the seat.

Logan hears a robotic voice “we need your help Wolverine”

Logan replies “your truck is too big to fit in the wash bay. I need to ask you to move. You’re blocking the other cars from coming in".

The truck replies “You’re either with us or against us (classic line right?)

The truck transforms into a giant robot and yells “I am Optimus Prime…you have met your match”

Logan stares at the truck in disbelief and says “Bub, you came to the wrong car wash…it’s time for me to soap you back to whatever Pep Boys you came from.

  • End of Plot

Hugh, I know you’re reading this and probably submitting it to 20th Century Fox as we speak, but hold on!

You need to explain how important it is to cross promote with the Transformers franchise. There’s a huge possibility to reboot that whole Transformers series with new characters!

I think people will pay to see it..again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again.

Have an awesome work out at Gold’s Gym


Elvin X

- Nerdbot Original Article

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