Challenge Yourself: Interview With Make-Up Artist Leslie Motta

Everyday we’re bombarded by images, videos, posts, texts, and news.

I sometimes wonder how we retain any information at all.

I’m glad that we sometimes see things that catch our eye and make us take a

second to turn off the noise and inspire us to turn on our imaginations.

I’m specifically talking about a picture…a makeup picture that made me stop and imagine what’s possible with the right tools, precision and imagination.

At Nerdbot, we see hundreds of images and Cosplayers at several events we attend. And all are beautiful, but you can tell which ones took the above average time and effort.

We had the opportunity to interview one of those Cosplay makeup warriors that take that extra time and effort.

Below is our interview with Make-Up Artist Leslie Motta.

Nerdbot: The first thing that caught my attention to your makeup artistry was your Bane makeup look. What inspired you to do the Bane make up in the first place?

Leslie: My husband and I have an inside “Batman” joke where I always respond with “I am Batman” and try to do the Bruce Wayne voice. He then started asking me to do a Batman inspired look. I didn’t want to do the typical mask theme so I created my own version. I showed the look to one of my colleagues at work who then asked me to do a “Bane” inspired version. She called it “Banes Girlfriend”and from Batman to Bane this is how the inspiration was born.

Nerdbot: How long did it take you to complete the Bane make up look?

Leslie: It took me about 4 – 5 hours to complete. I wanted to quit many times but I had a good coach (husband) cheering me on “don’t quit, keep going” and I am glad I didn’t.

Nerbot: What was the most difficult make up piece you've worked on?

Leslie: I would definitely say “Bane” was the most difficult piece thus far. It challenged my creativeness in a way I wasn’t sure I had or could execute.

Nerdbot: How long have you been doing makeup and what are your favorite make up products you incorporate in your designs?

Leslie: I’ve always had a passion for makeup, I started when I was about 15. Due to kids, husband, moving away from home and careers I didn’t pursue it until last year. Makeup is my true passion and it's never too late to go for your passion.

There are a lot of makeup brands I use, I typically will stick with some that say HD for photography so the pictures look nice. My everyday brands are MAC, Anastasia Beverly Hills, LA Girl Cosmetics, Loreal and BH Cosmetics.

Nerdbot: Now it's time for a Nerd question. The new Batman vs Superman movie is coming out next year. Who do you think is the better superhero?

Leslie: “Oh boy, this one is a tough one” My sister and I grew up on super hero’s cartoons in the 80’s. I remember climbing up a tree and throwing ourselves down unto a mattress pretending we were either Superman, Wonder woman or Batman. Those were the good ole’ days. Okay, back to the question. If you asked me as a child I would have said “Superman” now as a grownup I would have to say “Batman” why? Because I am Batman (Bruce Wayne voice) I’m kidding. I feel and believe that if I was rich enough I could be Batman, he really doesn’t have a superpower as Superman (making him more human like me) which is unattainable. Plus he has a lot of amazing tools, gadgets and vehicles.

Nerdbot: Do you ever go out with full on face make up like the "Robot Inspired" look we saw you in?

Leslie: No, but I have thought about it a few times. I have teenage kids which I embarrass often and they stop me from this. I plan to one day, I will have them get in the car and drive them through a fast food place with a full blown “something” inspired face and this will be the only way they get fed that day.

Nerdbot: Do you have any ideas for future make up designs we haven't seen yet?

Leslie: Yes, my 11 year old daughter asked me to do a Superman inspired look and put something together in honor of the new “Batman vs Superman movie” so “Superman” is coming right up.

Do you have any make up tips tips for our Nerdbot Cosplayers?

Leslie: Don’t doubt yourselves and when you do, push through it because the end result can be amazing. If you have heart for it, it will show. I’ve seen some of the most amazing Cosplayer makeup on Cosplayer’s who state they are not makeup artist but yet their work on themselves is beyond amazing.

Make sure to check out Leslie at Instagram @gianle_beauty for more of her awesome work.

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