Rocket League - I Feel Like A Kid Again

It is commonplace for those who play video games infrequently to move their body at moments in moment of extreme intensity. This is a reaction to moments of high intensity found almost exclusively in video games. As a longtime gamer, this is a reaction that is reserved solely for those who have minimal experience with games. However, an unexpected game reintroduced me to that feeling. Rocket League is one of those anomalies.

Every moment of Rocket League provides absolute bliss. Watching the trajectory of the ball as it soars through the air is one of the most fascinating and intense moments. As ridiculous as that sounds, that feeling explains what makes Rocket League so amazing. While pro-level play is astonishing and seemingly impossible, the simple idiosyncrasies of Rocket League are just as widely-appreciated as the complexities of it. For the record, I don’t consider myself a soccer fan. Therefore, an amalgamation of soccer and driving is an unexpected love of mine.

From the moment that the initial countdown begins, I am overwhelmed with childlike joy. While a gratification-based component pushes me to rush towards the wall, however, the reality of the situation grounds me and forces me to contemplate the best course of action. It is a rare occurrence that a game makes me so heavily contemplate every choice I make. My appreciation for that game is countless.

The replay showcasing one’s efforts after a goal is made is absolutely incredible. Seeing the aftermath of navigating the field and executing a plan to land your team a point mirrors only the most sublime feelings. Modern games have fallen into a hole. That hole is the blandness of repetition. After around 100 goals later, every goal still makes me feel like I scored a point in front of an awestruck crowd. This game has so artfully captured the spirit of competition. It will be a long time before a game rekindles my childlike satisfaction like Rocket League does.

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