(Possibly) Another New Planet In The Force Awakens?

(Possibly) Another New Planet In The Force Awakens?After SW Celebration revealed that the desert planet we’ve seen a lot of so far is not Tatooine and instead the planet Jakku, we’ve been left wondering if we will see any other new planets. So far it’s possible that we go back to Yavin IV and maybe (just maybe) Hoth

Mintinbox.net are reporting that we could see another new planet in TFA:

“According to Mint in Box, there are two new The Force Awakens Lego sets in early 2016. They are, "Battle on Takodana" and "The Pirate Transport". The battle on Takodana. It would seem that one of the new planets we'll be visiting in the new film is called Takodana. The question is, which planet is this. In the trailers we've seen lots of action on Jakku, and there seem to be at least two other planets in the film. One is where Maz Kanata's (Lupita Nyong'o) pirate castle is, and the other is the snow planet where "Starkille Baser" the headquarters of the First Order, is located. Takodana could easily be either of these, but we also needn't write off the possibility that it could be another planet we have yet to hear of in the new film

So while we still only have one planet confirmed, treat this as a rumor until confirmed by JJ and Co. It’s possible that we may have a balance of new planets versus old planets as we have both new as well as returning characters to the Star Wars universe.As for Hoth, it’s interesting to think that the New Order would set up base at a place where the Rebels original were hiding at: the old, “No one will ever look there” kind of thing.

Personally, I believe the planet we saw in the first trailer where Kylo Ren ignites his saber and the planet we saw all those Stormtroopers at a rally is the same planet. Hoth or not, I think they are the same.

SOURCE: mintinbox.net

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