Ken Leung In "The Force Awakens"

A month ago, reported that actor, Ken Leung had a role in the year's most anticipated film, The Force Awakens. After seeing him very briefly in the behind the scenes video at SDCC, now it seems as if we have another photo to obsess over:

This type of character photo looks a lot like the Nien Nunb, Admiral Ackbar and Greg Gruberg photos leaked last month and a lot like the character photos from the original Star Wars promotional photos:

“According to Sinembargo, the actor traveled twice to London to film his scenes for several days and that he “was watching much of the original cast”. Now we know from the BTS footage that Leung’s character will appear in a scene in the Resistance Base together with Carrie Fisher (image below). Since we knew how Leung’s character looks we recognized the quick glimpse with him, that the footage gave us:”

From the looks of it, Ken will have a small role in TFA, playing a General to the Resistance, joing other JJ Abrams alum like Simon Pegg and Greg Gruberg. Note that in the background of the photo above, you can see C3P0 with a red arm, confirming that the can from Mexico was actually correct. What's really eating at me is how he got that red arm.

SOURCE:, Sinembargo

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